God…If your heart is in search of a closer relationship with its Creator, we want to help you.  By courses of doctrine, Bible and practical living offered by the Open Bible Institute, you will have the possibility of examining God’s truths revealed to us about His Person, and how we can better know Him.

The Bible, God’s Word…The Bible, The living Word of God, has the answer to all of the problems of today and tomorrow. If you want to know more about the invaluable Word of God and how to apply it in your life, we want to help you. With the classes offered  in the Open Bible Institute, you can experience the richness of the Bible through the teaching of each class and engage in major studies of chosen texts, intended to give you the means of making your studies of the Word more effective.

How to Serve God…The Plan of God requires that each Christian be active in his place of service and that all be prepared to teach and guide others. If you think that God is leading you in His service for a particular ministry, we want to help you. Classes on the ministry and the Christian life offered by the Open Bible Institute are intended to bring hands-on training in the Christian ministry and life, with accent placed on the use of the principles learned in class.


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